Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Updates from Flørli Kafe and hostel!

So we're nearly half way through the Flørli season of July and August and have been busy. Thanks to all those who have made their way here, some from far afield and many from Lysefjorden and the wider area.

The facebook page has received a lot of attention, which is great as we benefit from that exposure and word of mouth being pretty much in the middle of nowhere, although saying we're in nowhere doesn't do Lysefjorden justice. It has been a beautiful summer and we've had lots of people hiking the steps and locals on boats enjoying the heat and sunshine. I'm writing this on a very wet day, but the weather can change quickly and it might be fantastic sunshine again later.

Speketallerken (Cured meat platter)
We've had to adjust the menu a little as we've learnt about what things work best. The fish soup has been taken off the menu for now, but we still have the Idsøe sausages and now serve the traditional Norwegian dishes Speketallerken, Lapskaus and Ertersuppe. All are subject to availability as it's hard to predict demand and we're a long way from anywhere when we run out. We continue to try and serve local food and drink and have introduced a new carrot cake from Jørpeland.

So we hope to see more of you in the days to come...and please spread the word about the hostel as we have plenty of spare beds!

Showing the hostel buildings nestled in the trees

Monday, 14 July 2014

New Facebook page

We've created a new Facebook page and would love you to like it to spread the news. It's called Flørli 4444 kafé and hostel.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Busy weekends at Florli

Sunset after a busy weekend in Flørli

Just want to say thank you to all those that have visited us over the last few days. It has been very busy and we had a husband and wife team on, which worked very well. We really enjoyed having the Rockman competitors and supporters around Flørli on Saturday and all of the many people that dropped by on boats and seemed to be very much enjoying this glorious summer. I hope I haven't spoken too soon, but it has been pretty good.

The Rockman competitors, supporters and volunteers

I'll try and put a ferry schedule on here or at least a link. I have taken a picture of the timetable on the wall, but think it is a bit small so will take another. Plus the Stavanger post leaves on wednesday and friday as well so it isn't quite perfect.

So thanks again for all your visits, apologies that sometimes we run out of food, but it isn't that easy getting things 30+ kilometers down a fjord with no roads. Thanks for your understanding ;)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Flørli kafé and weather changes

Things are going well in the kafé and we have started to find a rhythm with the flow of guests and the variations in weather. We're looking forward to a lot of sunshine this week, but one must always be prepared for a brief deluge, of rain, although the scenery remains beautiful, if you have a decent raincoat!

Our delicious fish soup

Deckchairs waiting for the afternoon sunshine

Shine and rain
Some hikers off fishing in the rain/sunshine

Back to pure sunshine

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Kveldstur - evening walk Flørli style

Fancy a bit of exercise this summer?

Join me on my evening walk. Come to Flørli, Lysefjorden, Norway. Walk up 700 - 800 wooden steps (about 150m) and then back down the trail to the kafé.

What could be easier?

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Preparation and our first guests

After a few days prep we are now getting in the swing of things. Yesterday we had a group of important guests involved in the development of Lysefjorden, more widely Rogaland and others involved involved in tourism for Norway generally. There was a tasty meal prepared by the chef at Lilland Hotell and the guests sat outside the power station.

Getting things ready

Our first guests
In the afternoon, three of us did a 'team building' exercise, up the 4444 steps and it was quite hard work (as I remembered from the last time), very steep on occasion,  but always rewarding with stunning views.
We actually had our first guests yesterday surrounded by boxes,  and today we opened with a much tidier kafé.
The start of the steps
A bit of the view half the way up. Nice to take a breather.
At the top. Still smiling, always a good sign.
The weather today has been one of those 4 seasons in one day experiences. We have had glorious sunshine,  downpours of rain, more sunshine (people asking for ice cream), wind, several thunderstorms and hail. The thunder was the loudest I have ever heard amplified by the mountains and the great hall of the old power station.

My only regret for the day is I didn't take my drying clothes in a little earlier.

Thunder, rain, wind and sunshine
New waterfalls on the mountain opposite
Full circle. My last picture today, you'd never believe all the weather ever happened!

Monday, 30 June 2014

Official opening day!

Good morning :)

Our opening hours will be 10am - 6pm.

We're starting with the kafé then the hostel will soon be up and running. Looking forward to seeing all who can make it.

Great view from our house this morning up the fjord!